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Safe Lens provides all CCTV components under U.L listed standards including cameras, DVRs, mounts, camera housings, PTZ units and switchers up to the Microprocessor Switching .Matrix.
CCTV Installation
Safe Lens provides security and life safety solutions for applications from retail stores to manufacturing facilities to homes. Combine fire protection, intrusion, and central monitoring software to come up with a complete solution for your security needs.
Fire Alarm & Intrusion
Safe Lens provides access control solution not only includes an excellent hardware offerings of extremely stable and fool proof readers in technologies such as proximity, HID, Smart as well as biometric, it also carries extremely effecient and flexible software solution to manage.
Access control
Gate Barrier
Bringing new technologies No UI is the best UI Barrier with “unlimited” springs over continuous use cycles without special maintenance
Turnstile & Gate Barrier
1. Solar PV panels capture sunlight, causing electrons in the power panel's silicon cells to be released and become direct current (DC).
2. An inverter converts direct current into alternating current (AC), making it usable in homes and businesses.
3. Excess electricity can be stored in a battery or can be fed back to power grid.
Solar Panels
We provides a complete range of hardware and software products, which include laptop and desktop PCs, and industry standard servers and storage, as well as workstation accessories and IT infrastructure and networking. Safe Lens is a business partner & approved service provider for various reputable brands.
PC Laptops & Printers

Key Features

Some of our key features

High Security

We guarantee you complete protection, the best and latest global protection methods.

Full Device Protection

Our Device Protection service allows individuals and businesses to centrally manage the security of all their internet connected technology.

Remote Monitoring

Our systems offer Dynamic Monitoring & Management of all devices, and Automatic Updates to protect by ensuring that the most current patches.

Full Backup of Information

We controls the full backup process and enables specialists managing the process to designate which volumes and files should be copied and the backup destination.